Dakini Cabin

Dakini Cabin is ideal for a couple, it has a queen bed with ensuite bathroom, living area and kitchen. It has an outdoor terrace shaded by a bamboo roof and an agreeable barbecue space. This adobe house has a fully equipped kitchen with medium size refrigerator, counter stove, pots and pans, dishes, glasses and coffee maker so you may enjoy delicious meals as if at home.

Children not allowed in these house


Access to all Elquimista  swimming pools, cell phone coverage/reception, private parking, queen bed, kitchen, terrace, BBQ, wood burning heater (Bosca), down comforter and first class bedding, eco friendly construction.

PRICE: $70.000 clp – 85.000 clp (Low-High Season)

Cabin Facilities:

  • Access to Swimming Pool
  • Cabin for 2 people
  • Free Parking
  • Private Area
  • Elqui Valley View
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  • Dakini Cabin
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